New Technology Part 2

I wrote about the new buzz words/gadgets in technology last fall, things such as Sumo Text,Twitter, myspace and facebook.  Now it appears that these are now all of the rage in the Real Estate Biz.  In fact, I have gone so far as to get active on facebook (great to find old high school classmates…not sure how it will create new business opportunities) and myspace (appears to be suited for musicians), and even have established myself on Twitter! It all seems to me to be part of the big “Social Networking” world that may, some day, find its way into the business world.  I guess one should never underestimate the power of your network!

Starting a new title company, National Closing Corp, I have decided to give this new way of networking a try.  It certainly can’t hurt our business, and we may even find a group of customers out in cyber space that prefer this way of communication with businesses.  I am going to focus on linking all forms of cyber communications to the blog and web sites we have established.  Seems to me that some quick updates, which includes links, will be the most effective way to drive folks to us. 

Let me know if you have ideas or suggestions that have worked for you.


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