Have we hit the bottom??

I wonder of we have hit the bottom of the Real Estate bust?  It sure appears to me that real estate activity has increased these past four weeks, homes are being shown, refinances are on the rise, and all of the folks I talk to say they are busy.  Does this represent the bottom?  I speculate that we are dragging along the bottom, waiting for the proverbial “bounce”!  I am not expecting a huge bounce, but we may have a little more spring in our step come this summer. 

I hear some of the big lenders may show a profit for the first quarter, i.e. Bank of America, Countrywide, and a few others.  If this is true, will that increase our confidence in the Real Estate markets?  Not sure about that one…but should show us that you can get a loan and that the markets may have adjusted.  All we can do is keep our heads down and keep focused on our task at hand, whether that is selling real estate, making loans or closing deals.  Our work ethic is the ONE thing we can control!!  Those who do this, will be successful, no matter the conditions of the market.


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