Paperless Closings

I am trying to go “Green”!!  No more paper…is it possible in the real estate biz?  I think it is and I am testing the waters.  In this new venture I am starting, we are going as paperless as we can from the very beginning.  Using tools such as myfax/efax is a start.  We do not have a fax machine, everything is scanned and emailed or faxed out through our electronic faxing provider.  All files are “worked”  via an electronic file in the software we utilize and we plan to scan all closed files immediately upon closing.  No more storage rooms!!  So far so good.  

Next step will be to conduct a paperless closing…can it be done?  Yes, it has been done in other states and it appears to work just fine.  There will be some that will require paper documents for filing at the courthouse and some lenders/banks will require a “wet” signature on documents, but we many will accept the digital signature.  Heck we sign a signature pad for almost everything we buy now, why not real estate?  I will keep you in the loop on our time line, hopefully in 30 days we can have a true paperless closing.

Now, if I can get this accomplished in other areas of my life!


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