Is it possible to be paperless?

I tell you we are trying our best to reduce the paper use in our office, but it is difficult to go completely paperless.  Maybe the term should be “Less Paper”.  We have not made a copy of one closing file since we opend our doors in Little Rock on March 1, we have provided copies of all closing docs on a flash drive.  Which has been surprisingly well received in our market!  We are a step closer to “less paper” office, now if we can get the digital signiture peice in place, then I can see how close to a paperless office we can become.  Of course, if our customers are not willing to accept this direction we are headed, then we could be going through this exercise for no reason at all!!


One response to “Is it possible to be paperless?

  1. I am not surprised that the flash drive has been a success. Who likes to leave the title company after closing with a book? Great idea!

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