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I read an article from Jeffrey H. Gitomer, author of “The Little Read Book of Selling”, about how you should strive to be seen in the eyes of your customers as a Trusted Advisor.  In this time in the Real Estate game, it only makes sense that you want to be seen as more than a salesperson.  The market has many folks scared to death about what to do about buying or selling real estate, investing in real estate and for some, the threat of foreclosure. It’s not what YOU think you are. Rather, it’s where does the customer place you in his or her mind? How do they see you? How do they regard you? How do they refer to you? How do they talk about you? How much do they respect you? And how much do they trust you?

Here are the levels of competence you can rise to as a salesperson:
Strategic advisor
Trusted advisor
Trusted advisor and resource
Gitomer gives us the elements of a Trusted Advisor:

What are the elements of a trusted advisor? CAUTION: These elements are as tough to achieve, as they are strategic to your success.
• Trusted advisors are value providers, not suppliers or vendors.
• Trusted advisors concentrate on business building – not just business seeking — on behalf of the customer.
• Trusted advisors considered friends by their customers.
• Trusted advisors are liked, believed, respected, and trusted.
• Trusted advisors are valuable information providers.
• Trusted advisors are able to combine trust and valuable information.
• Trusted advisors understanding the situation their customers are in, and they’re willing to risk being right.
• Trusted advisors are empowered by their customers to act, and they’re willing to take action.
• Trusted advisors help customers profit, not just save money.
• Trusted advisors figure out a way to get more face time.
• Trusted advisors make decisions based on the relationship, not the quarter, or the quota.
• Trusted advisors are always invited in.
At time when the market dictates we take control of our own destiny, it makes perfect sense that we evaluate ourselves and make a change.  Become the Trusted Advisor to your clients…and start TODAY


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